My January Fitness Planner

Every January I make a big list of things I am going to do and it usually realistically only lasts a week so this year I have decided to make a realistic goal for January with a weekly regime so that I stick to it.



I am in a group with a couple of friends where we have to run 90 minutes a week. For every minute we don’t run, we have to donate £1 to a fund. This is a great incentive to get you out in the fresh air and clearing the head while we are in lockdown.



Alice Living on Instagram is doing a FREE January 28 day challenge. 5 days a week, she works on different parts of the body.

You can access this every day on her instagram.

Mondays: Lower Body

Tuesdays: Upper Body

Wednesday: Rest Day

Thursday: Lower Body

Friday : Upper Body

Saturday: Lucky Dip Trainer

Sunday: Rest Day

She does these at 7am daily but the great thing about this is, she leaves them up on her instagram so you can do it at a time that suits you.



The Pilates Class are offering a 7 day FREE Trial which I highly recommend trying out and seeing if it’s for you. They are also doing a January Challenge.

Week 1 looks like this: Monday: 35 minute let go pilates class, Tuesday: 15 minute morning boost & 10 minute toned arms, Wednesday: 10 minute grounding class, Thursday: 35 minute full body women’s & men’s pilates, Friday: 30 min walk/run, Saturday: 30 min barre class, Sunday: 10 minute stretch


My Planner



Morning: Pilates 35 min



Morning: 15 minute morning boost & 10 minute toned arms with The Pilates Class

Lunch: Run for 30 minutes



Morning: Upper Body Alice Fit



Morning:  Lower Body with Alice Fit

Evening: Run 30 minutes



Rest Day



Morning: 30 minute Barre Class



Morning: Run 30 minutes

Stretch Class with The Pilates Class





Other online things to try :


Fiit App– 14 day free trial and then £10 a month

Shreddy App– £4.99 a month

The Body Coach– £5.83 per month






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