Mrs Hinch’s Top Cleaning Products

At Miss Jones we are big fans of Mrs Hinch – Cleaning Guru

Sophie Hinchcliffe is a self-proclaimed ‘cleaning mad’ woman from Essex, whose passion for cleaning has gained her an army of fans.












Below are some of her top tips for cleaning !


Sophie shared her top tips for cleaning her bath/shower, using just a few key products.

She explained that she starts by spraying her shower and shower head with Viakal (buy it here for just £2.80), to remove limescale and water marks. Mrs Hinch remarked, “Leave the Viakal to do its thing for up to five minutes!”

Then, she used Flash bathroom spray to wipe down the bath itself, using her trusty Minky (or Minkeh) sponge of course.

It’s then time to wash off the Viakal, using the shower itself. After that, Sophie finished off the job by using the Astonish Mould and Mildew buster, to remove any lurking nasties.



The cleaning powerhouse told her followers that we often forget to clean our radiators, and get rid of the dust and grime that accumulates on them. But there’s one product that any Mrs Hinch fan has in her house that can help sort this issue out!

She advised using a diluted Zoflora mix, spraying it on a cloth, and simply wiping down the radiators and – voila! A clean and lovely smelling radiator.


Stainless Steel Fixtures:


Whether it’s in your bathroom or kitchen – we all want our stainless steel fixtures to sparkle without smudges.

Mrs Hinch told The Mirror that to clean her shower rail, she uses a B&M Scrub Buddy Cleaning Pad with Stainless Steel Cif.


Washing Machine:

Mrs Hinch advises putting an old tea towel on the floor by your washing machine for starters with an oven tray to empty the filter – it’s quickly used as the water drains out.

For the washing machine drawer, use flash bathroom as it removes any build-up of conditioner. “It works really well,” she writes, “and it smells amazing.” To get into places that are harder to reach, use a Sonic Scrubber and a microfiber cloth.

Then fill the washing machine with Flash Bathroom cleaner and give it a full wash on the machine. Afterwards, Sophie recommends wiping down the outside of the machine with Zoflora as – “it smells so good!”


Store pan lids upside down to make space in your kitchen cupboard

Mrs Hinch has revealed a handy trick for storing pots and pans. Placing the pan lids upside down means you’ll be able to stack them up on top of each other – genius!

Of the discovery, she said on her Instagram stories, “Someone messaged me and said, turn your saucepan lids upside down and then sit the pans on top of each other.”

She added, “Everyone probably knew this, I didn’t.”


Keep bed linen sets in a pillow case and keep them fresh

There’s nothing worse than wasting half and hour hunting in the linen closet for a matching bed set. Thankfully, Mrs Hinch has come to the rescue.

She shared a tip on her Instagram Stories, explaining how she groups all her linen sets together in the matching pillow case. She wrote, “Where do I keep my fresh bedding? I store the whole fresh bed set into the matching pillow case!”

But that’s not the only linen hack Mrs Hinch has up her sleeve.

She also revealed that – once she has finished ironing her duvet cover, pillow cases and fitted sheets – she then places Lenor’s tumble dryer sheets in with her clean bedding, to keep it fresh when it’s time to change them.


Get rid of stains on your mattress

If you’ve got children who are a little accident prone in bed, or you’ve noticed some unfortunate sweat and/or dirt marks on your mattress accumulating over the years, you’ll want to listen to this cleaning tip from Mrs Hinch.

Sophie suggested on This Morning that you use bicarbonate powder on the stained areas of your mattress, sprinkling it on and rubbing it in with a rubber glove. Of course, remove all bedding first.


Mrs Hinch’s Zoflora tips

Anyone who follows Mrs Hinch’s cleaning tips will know she is crazy about Zoflora. The budget disinfectant liquid is Sophie’s go-to product when it comes to most household chores, but she recently admitted she cannot go to bed without giving her sink a deep clean first. As part of the ritual, Sophie pours soda crystals down her plug before rinsing it with… you guessed it, Zoflora. Sophie then pours boiling water over the mixture to rinse out the plug. Sounds simple enough!


Keep your bin smelling clean

This Mrs Hinch cleaning tip for your bin will keep it smelling fresh. After cleaning it with a disinfectant spray, Sophie douses a piece of kitchen roll in Zoflora, folds it up and leaves it at the bottom of her bin before inserting a bin bag. Genius!



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