Meet the Speakers – Wellness Summit 2020


Deeba Anandan

‘Panel Talk: Your Mind at Work’

I help people who feel lost, stuck and frustrated, despite ticking all the boxes of what success should look like, to gain clarity, freedom and ownership over their lives so that they can define a life they love on their terms. I’m passionate about using coaching as part of our overall mental wellbeing.

Often we are so busy worrying about what we should be doing that we haven’t stepped back to consider why we are doing it and whether it is actually something that is important to us. Having navigated the journey myself, I can truly say that it is really liberating. Without having the clarity over what is important to you, you will only ever be scratching the surface of your happiness.

Jessica Boston

‘Eating smart whilst juggling a busy lifestyle’


‘Prioritising Confidence!’

Jessica Boston is a leading Cognitive Hypnotherapist and Transformational Life Coach trusted by clients all over the world. Her intuitive approach is underpinned by extensive training and certification; along with almost a decade of experience helping clients see results as soon as the first session. Using Cognitive Hypnotherapy, which combines principles of Neuroscience alongside the most effective elements of Ericksonian Hypnotherapy, Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP), Gestalt Therapy, Evolutionary and Positive Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). You will be provided with a safe space to explore what your feeling and thinking are trying to communicate with you, giving profound awareness by uncovering what is at the root of the issue. The way she works is highly creative and meticulous attention is paid to every tiny detail to give you clarity.


Aimee Browne

‘Surviving to Thriving!’

Aimee Browne is a C-Suite Executive Assistant with experience spanning over 15 years predominantly in the retail sector. Currently working for the CEO and Operational Board of UK high street retailer The Works and founder of online community The Mindful Assistant.  After experiencing mental health struggles herself, Aimee has transformed her mindset and now coaches Assistants to do the same….breaking the myth that burnout is the price you pay for success!

Jivan Dempsey

‘Change Your Story – The Power of Re-Framing’

Jivan Dempsey is a psychologist, therapist and coach. She is also an author, a blogger and regularly quoted in the press. She is also a public speaker and campaigner for mental health. Jivan has a clinic in London offers a free initial 45 minute consultation to all Miss Jones VIP


Abigail Ireland

‘Eating smart whilst juggling a busy lifestyle’

Abigail Ireland is a Peak Performance Strategist who helps executives and teams to operate at their best and enhance personal productivity. Abi coaches and trains clients all over the world so they can achieve high performance on a sustainable basis. With a background in banking and strategy, she is well-versed in the dynamics and pressures of the corporate world. Abi has advised C-suite executives, sat on senior leadership teams and served as a Board Advisor. Her approach to peak performance is based on a comprehensive blend of science, psychology, research and experience. She is a qualified Master Personal Trainer, Pn2 Nutrition Coach and NLP Practitioner. This thorough blend of business, mindset and wellbeing expertise allows for an integrated and unique approach to boost performance and achieve excellence.


Jessica Leonard

‘Panel Talk: Your Mind at Work’

Having worked in marketing and sales, Jessica discovered the transformational effects of yoga and mindfulness practices whilst working as an events coordinator in India. These tools soon became part of her daily life, helping her to support both her physical and mental health, and she became ever more fascinated with the cutting edge neuroscience discoveries emerging around these ancient practices. She decided to retrain as a yoga and mindfulness teacher, specialising in teaching children and adolescents.

Lisa Philips

‘How to be Your Own Best Friend’

With over 20 years’ experience, Lisa Phillips is a leading confidence, resilience and wellbeing facilitator, coach and speaker. She is also the author of ‘The Confidence Coach’ ( Exisle 2015).
Lisa founded ‘Amazing Coaching’ in 2000 while living in Sydney, Australia. She has held Senior Management roles in Training, Staff Engagement and Communication in the UK, Singapore and Australia.
She has also won several international awards for her leading edge work as an expert Life Coach and her expertise is regularly featured n the media. Her high energy, depth of knowledge and great sense of humour builds rapport and trust easily, making the process of change fun, sustainable, realistic and hugely beneficial to everyone involved.

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