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London’s Best Burgers – World Burger Day

Street Kitchen

Using the best quality British ingredients with everything homemade (bar the ketchup, because it’s Stokes, and that’s the best ketchup in the world), you can’t go wrong with Street Kitchen. From the Buffalo Bill with beef sourced from Nathan-the-Butcher in Bermondsey to the Captain Pugwash. With salmon from the Loch Duart, all crammed into brioche buns with interesting fillings including celeriac slaw and roasted beet. Don’t forget to order crispy skin-on rosemary fries on the side! With its close proximity to Doodle Bar, have one to line your stomach on the way in and to err…re-line it as you roll out. They also have a van by Liverpool St. so all you city boys ‘n’ gals don’t miss out on the fun.

Elliot’s Cafe

The beefy gem of Borough Market, Elliot’s burgers are universally regarded as some of the best in London. And we can see why. Attention is paid to every.little.thing. From onions which have been caramelised for 8 hours in beef fat to the dill butter, perfectly crunchy pickles and (unusually) Maris Piper tatties. But what about the patty? It’s 50 day aged and one of the juiciest in town. The only downside is that it’s only available at lunchtime on weekdays. Boo.

Bleeker St. Burger

One for the East London lot, the guys at Bleecker St. simply say, ‘we serve burgers and fries’. Yep. This Hackney food truck is bringing NYC-style burgers to the streets of London. But don’t worry they’ve carefully sourced their beef this side of the pond (and will be landing in Spitalfields soon, too). The meat is aged, the buns are toasted, the cheese is American, the sauce is secret and the fries are hand-cut. We can’t really argue with that.

Tommi’s Burger Joint

A laidback American diner-style vibe, Tommi’s of Marylebone has been so successful they’ve just opened an offshoot on the King’s Road. The menu is simple; burger, veggie burger or the much-lauded steak burger, but it’s the small touches that make a difference. Such as being able to help yourself to unlimited condiments and their ‘Burgers of the Month’. Oh, and the fact that Becks has given it his seal of approval.

Dip and Flip

Clapham’s burger brainwave, Dip & Flip, serves all the usual suspects (cheese, bacon, chilli) but the real triumph lies in the fact that each comes with lashings gravy. ‘Gravy! With a burger! We’ll stick to ketchup and mayo, thanks!’ we hear the philistines among you cry. And all we can say is don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. It’s sensational.

Honest Burger

The first Honest Burger started four years ago in a tiny unit of Brixton Village. The owners’ decision to focus on a simple and quality-focused menu has paid off as they now run nine restaurants all over London. The menu is basic, offering one chicken, one vegetarian and five beef burgers all accompanied by some of the best rosemary salted chips, we’ve had. And best of all, they’ve just started serving breakfast! 3 meals a day at Honest? Could be worse.

Burger and Lobster

Lobster and Burger were created to make your life easier, and trust us, they will in fact make it better after you sample their burger. For those who have not visited or live under a rock, Lobster and Burger offer a menu of three options: a whole lobster lobster rolls or the burger. The beef is sourced from corn-fed steak in Nebraska from which they pick the three juiciest cuts and add nothing to the meat. Honestly, nothing. It is genuinely that tasty. You have the option of adding cheese and bacon, which we would strongly advise which comes with chips and a simple yet delicious parmesan and rocket salad.


With its no-booking policy, you need to arrive and just hope for the best- which quite frankly, it always delivers. Dozens of cocktails are available while you wait, themed to help get you in the mood: ‘Up’, ‘Down’, ‘Hard’ or ‘Fast’. The meat side of things also does not fail to deliver. Burgers range from the ‘Green Chilli Cheeseburger’ to the ‘Dead Hippie’, a concoction of two French mustard-fried beef patties and the mystical ‘Dead Hippie sauce’. Wash it down with a Bourbon Coke Float or a vanilla shake mixed with vodka and Kahlua, combined with the dark, wooden interior, Meatliquor is not an experience you easily forget. Plus, if you’re savvy, get down an hour before closing time for discounted menu.


It’s no surprise that the beef masters at Hawksmoor can whip up a bloody good burger. They have a few on the menu, including one topped with kimchi that’s worth a try, but this simplest one is also the best. A plump, rare-served patty is the natural star, made using a carefully selected array of cuts from Longhorn cattle, all well-aged and all from Ginger Pig.

Joe Allen

There’s no burger on the menu at Americana-drenched Covent Garden long-termer Joe Allen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t order one. Almost since the restaurant opened in 1977, the off-menu burger here has been one of London’s worst kept secrets, and one of its best burgers.
It’s made from ground sirloin steak and served on a lightly toasted brioche bun with bacon, mild melted cheese, a fat ring of tomato and some token lettuce. Simple as that. For a long time, we’re told, this was the best burger in London by miles; although there’s now much much more competition out there, it has no problem holding its own

Lucky Chip

Lucky Chip can be found in Dalston, Islington and Camden. The burgers all boast moist, meaty patties which are considerably fatter than many, upping the meat-to-topping ratio. They’re incredibly juicy — almost too sloppy — but sturdy glazed buns that soak up some of the liquid and hold their shape throughout allow them to get away with it.
The aptly named Kevin Bacon comes with a hefty slab of crisp, applewood-smoked bacon along with sharp pickled gherkins,a sprinkling of lettuce and cheese that is of the floppy, processed ilk but also has some actual flavour. We like the way the burger straddles dirty fast food and high-quality ingredients: it’s like Maccy D’s with attitude. In terms of sides, we urge you to try the chili cheese fries topped with slow-cooked beef and pork.


This is a creation that dates back to the days when the Meat Wag on was still a nomadic burger revolutionary, kick-starting London’s insatiable appetite for meat in a bun. This sloppy signature consists of two thin patties fried in mustard and topped with gooey cheese, shredded raw onion, chunky pickled gherkins and a secret ‘hippie sauce’ that is something along the lines of a mustard mayo. It’s greasy, messy and trashy, but in all the right ways.

Patty & Bun

35-day aged Aberdeen Angus beef patties are at the heart of a Patty & Bun burger, and the bolder beef flavour the ageing offers is one of the high points. The Ari Gold is the team’s answer to a cheeseburger, and it’s very hard to beat. Sloppy, bright-coloured American cheese is slathered over rings of red onion which have been steeped in vinegar (pickled onions, but not the kind that come in a jar), smoky-flavoured mayo and some light refreshment in the form of juicy tomato slices and crisp lettuce.
The bun that pulls everything together is a glazed brioche roll which is pleasantly sweet and just about sturdy enough to cope with the burger’s gooey, medium-rare patty and dripping cheese. Still prepare to get a bit messy, mind. A sprinkling of rosemary salt adds an addictive edge to the accompanying fries.

Burgerac’s Burgershack

We love Burgerac’s Burgershack, because everything about the burgers says that this guy really knows his stuff. Long time burger blogger decides enough is enough and opens his own kitchen to show everyone else how it’s done.
There’s a lovely simplicity to the cheeseburger here which could only be made by someone who has eaten a shit tonne of burgers and then decided to strip everything back to basics. Those basics are very good indeed, by the way, with the softest of white buns, the beefiest beef and some classic condiments to finish things off.

Black Bear Burger

A newcomer to the London burger scene is Black Bear Burger. Husband and wife Liz and Stew started out at Broadway Market on Saturdays and now run their business full-time in Shoreditch’s foodie hotspot, Boxpark. Originally from Devonshire, the pair know a thing or two about rearing cows. They have put this expertise into their very own burger business. Black Bear Burger is a hit with East Londoners and, with just two high-quality burgers on the menu (‘Black Bear’ and ‘Brisket’). The owners stand by their mantra of using only the very best produce for their customers. Nothing complicated, just great beef.


Founded by three Aussies, Coqfighter came about when the trio couldn’t find any spots in the UK that matched the standard of chicken burgers back home. They started experimenting and were soon urged by their friends and family to take their burgers public. In terms of value for money, the stature of this burger certainly won’t disappoint and will leave you feeling truly satisfied. If chicken is your thing, don’t miss this mind-blowing burger joint.

Burger and Beyond

Located right in the heart of Shoreditch, these hand-pressed gourmet burgers are delivered to you from an old-school orange Citroën H van. The menu takes inspiration from all corners of the world, offering three burgers ranging from smokey to spicy. One thing is certain: Burger and Beyond will satisfy your meat cravings. The business prides itself on its choice cuts of beef, ensuring its customers are served the best-quality meat.

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