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Lanserhof at The Arts Club is London’s leading private wellness club and clinic, offering an elevated approach to health, fitness and vitality. Located in the heart of Mayfair on Dover Street, the club offers members a tranquil oasis specialising in personalised health programmes, integrating modern medicine and state-of-the-art diagnostic assessments with transformative fitness plans and restorative wellness treatments. 

Situated under one roof, across six floors, Lanserhof at The Arts Club offers a full 360 approach to health and wellbeing championing members and non-members alike to live well, for longer. The extensive new member offering will include a number of functional and diagnostic assessments including 3D body scans, a SPINE and MOVEMENT Lab, and internal health assessments such as a cardiovascular screening. Measures from these analyses will be incorporated into a bespoke training plan for members and monitored by Lanserhof at The Arts Club’s foremost medical experts to promote incomparable advances in health and fitness, and work together to prevent ill-health in the long term. 

In line with Lanserhof’s innovative approach to preventative healthcare, Lanserhof at The Arts Club incorporates a range of holistic treatments, implemented with medical precision. Members can benefit from physiotherapy, osteopathy, nutritional therapy, acupuncture and massage therapy delivered by the world’s leading experts. Advanced rehabilitation treatments such as cryotherapy, shockwave therapy, and vitamin and mineral infusions will promote recovery and maximise results. 

For over 30 years, Lanserhof has been setting standards in modern medicine; for innovative vital medicine and state-of-the-art concepts for prevention and health regeneration. Lanserhof guides you on a journey to better health, inner balance and an enhanced quality of life. The ethos behind The Arts Club and Lanserhof are symbiotic: they represent.




My Review:


I visited Lanserhof on Dover Street to get myself a very well needed infusion therapy after a hectic couple of weeks.

Infusion therapies replenish nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and trace elements simply and efficiently with targeted infusions and feel fitter, more energetic and in a better mood. Certain infusions can also support the therapy and treatment of chronic or acute illness. IV infusions combine valuable nutrients and vitamins in concentrations higher than it is possible to take orally. This results in better absorption rates and better benefits than oral supplementation.

I went for the Life Plus infusion which aims to help not only improved energy levels, better immune functioning and better skin, but also aims to help with improved sports endurance and recovery and also detoxing the body with Glutathione – a powerful antioxidant.

The clinic is so beautifully designed and all the staff are extremely friendly.


Would highly recommend to anyone in need of a boost, especially ahead of these winter months.


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