Is now a good time to become a VA? by Suzie Flynn

As the world is evolving so is the workplace and although lock down can be challenging, I do
feel it has given us the time to think and reflect on what we really want.

I’ve been reflecting on what I want to leave behind and have started focusing more on what
I really want as I grow my coaching business and as we move into the ‘after’. It’s a great
time to reflect back on your life and look at what wasn’t working for you and what you want to change.
You have the power to make this happen, the only person stopping you is yourself, with the
thoughts and images feeding your mind.

Your brain is programmed to receive commands through words and images so when you
make a shift in your thinking, from the negatives of ‘I can’t do this’, or ‘I’m not good
enough’, to the positive then you can create a new reality for yourself.

By changing the pictures in your mind's eye to what you do want to achieve you are sending
a command to your brain. It will then find a way to bring this into reality by filtering out
opportunities that are in alignment with what you focus on.

A great technique for changing the negative to the positive and creating more of what you
want is ‘flipping the switch’. Simply pay more attention to your automatic thoughts and
notice the negative ones that come in. You can then use commands, such as ‘stop’, ‘not
going there’, ‘not a useful thought’. Then ask yourself, ‘is this thought serving me?’. No, of
course it’s not! Ask yourself what you would like to think and feel instead and simply flip the
switch on your language and create a positive statement.

For example, you could flip the switch from ‘I won’t be able to make money in my business’
to ‘I am capable of great wealth in my business’. It doesn’t matter whether you believe it or
not and you don’t need to know how. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between
imagination and reality. Simply think of your brain as an operating system and each time
you flip the switch on your negative language you are programming your brain with what
you do want!

So, is now a good time to become a VA?

Absolutely it is and it’s an even better time to discover who specifically you want to help and
what you want to be known for as we head into what is becoming known as the new

Many Executive Assistants are learning aspects of virtual life as they step into remote
working. Some assistants are discovering that remote working is not for them. They prefer
the office environment and having the social aspect of being around their colleagues, while
others are secretly enjoying the freedom and flexibility it offers.

You have the power to change your life, you have the power to change your thoughts.
Decide what you want and take action on it. The world is changing, the world is evolving and it’s time to find your place in the world. With the right mindset and a shift in perspective you’ll be surprised at how much is possible.

For those interested in pivoting into a Virtual Assistant business check out my newly
launched eBook or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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