How to uncover your money story

Did you know we all have a money story? 


A money story is a set of beliefs and attitudes about money, and we create our beliefs about money in our pre-conscious years, up to about the age of 7 when we take in information from our parents, peers and society. 


We apply our own meaning about a situation or something we’ve heard from others and with that we can either create positive beliefs or negative beliefs about money.


For me, my first memory of money was my Dad leaving to go to work, to earn money, and I felt left behind. In that moment I made that experience mean something to me. That I’d be left behind in life, that no one will love me, that I’m on my own, alone.


Can you see how from our beliefs we can create our reality?


Here are some typical examples of money stories that you may have heard growing up…


Money doesn’t grow on trees

Borrowing money is bad

Rich people get richer and poor people get poorer

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves

Rich people are evil


These are all just beliefs, which our subconscious mind uses to keep us stuck where we are, to keep us safe. 


Maybe you’ve noticed patterns in your life where you’ve hit a certain income level in your Assistant role or in your Virtual Assistant business. We all have beliefs hidden in our subconscious mind that’s stopping us taking our career to the next level.


I want to share some tools that you can apply in your life to get to the root of your money story and change your reality so you can push through that glass ceiling or get the next client in your Virtual Assistant business.


First memory of money


I want you to think about your first memory of money. What do you remember and what meaning did you apply to it? Take some time to journal on it and notice what comes up when you dig deeper.


What negative beliefs are coming up about money? Maybe you’re an over spender or a religious saver. What are you making this mean about you?

Money is


Another great tool to get to the root of your money story and your hidden money blocks is to complete this sentence.


Money is…


You may say freedom, scarce, hard to come by, there for a rainy day, etc. Just take the time to journal your response and see what is behind the meaning. Keep digging and peeling back the layers of the onion.


Letter to money


Another great way to dig into your money beliefs is to write a letter to money. Use this as your opportunity to let rip! Write a letter to money as if it was a person and write down everything you’ve never been able to say. 


Maybe you’re frustrated that money is never there for you in your life, that money comes and goes and isn’t consistent. Just let your pen flow and you’ll be really surprised at what you uncover.


Hopefully you’ve found these money mindset tips really helpful and please do email me at [email protected]. I’d love to hear your money story and I personally reply to all my emails.


If you’re looking for more support with your money mindset and are considering making the shift from Executive Assistant to Virtual Assistant business owner then do check out my website and download my FREE Virtual Assistant startup guide.


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