How are you letting fear control your life?

We all have fears we’re trying to overcome, now more than ever and as Tony Robbins says you can’t
get away from fear, but you can dance with it. What he means is that you can control your fears,
you don’t have to let them control you.

I hear so many Assistants say they have a fear of not having regular clients in their Virtual Assistant
business or gaps in their skill set, fear about not being able to pay the bills, etc. We’re all bill payers
here right, so we’ve immediately got something in common.

This is often one of the most paralysing fears ‘in our head’, that keeps us stuck where we are and not
moving forward towards our dreams and desires. The fact of the matter is that 95% of our fears
don’t actually come true.
That’s an astonishing stat.

It’s just our mind trying to keep us safe because the mind likes the familiar, it doesn’t like the
unfamiliar. When you’ve been in an Assistant role for 10 years plus it’s going to be screaming at the
bit, telling you everything under the sun about why building a VA business is not safe.


You won’t be good enough

You don’t know enough

You’ll have gaps in your income

You won’t be able to pay your bills


Let’s take a step back here and ask, “how do you know?”.

Seriously, how do you know you won’t be good enough?

How do you know you don’t know enough?

How do you know you’ll have gaps in your income?

You don’t.

When you hear yourself saying things such as these, stop and look for the evidence. Is it really true
that you’ll have gaps in your income or is that just a belief?

You see there is a difference between your beliefs and actual facts.

Beliefs are just a repetition of the same thoughts going around and around in your head.

So, it’s time to switch up those thoughts and focus on what is true.

Instead of focusing on your potential limitations focus instead on the possibilities.

Look back over your career at all your training and experience and trust that you know enough, that you are
enough. Remember, you don’t have to be perfect, you don’t have to get all your ducks in a row, you
just need to get started.

Trust me, sometimes I don’t even know where I’ve left my ducks!

Adopt the approach of done is better than perfect and know that not everything has to be done
straight away. It takes time to build the foundations for your business, although not as long as you
might think, with the right support.

Ask yourself whether you want to make decisions from where you are now or from where you
want to be?

I interviewed my very own VA, Lisa Porto, the other week about the success of her business. She
talked about how her business has exploded recently and how she’s earning more money than when
she was employed and working less hours. I wanted to share Lisa’s story as inspiration to all those
that are sitting on the fence (getting splinters up their bum). Those sitting on the should I / shouldn’t
I camp.

As high-performance coach Brendon Burchard says “Unless we are being chased by a deadly animal
or deranged human, or face imminent physical harm like falling to our death, fear is just bad
management of our mind.”

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