Hottest restaurants in London

The Italian trattoria Gloria

If you have been looking for a great Italian restaurant in London, Gloria is the one worth to try ! It has recently been opened in the heart of Shoreditch and it is part of Big Mamma Group!

Its menu is mixing old Italian classics with excellent fun twist from Chef Filippo; and every dish is 100% fresh and homemade. From the delicious Lasagna to the Neapolitan Pizza, or even Bronte pistacchio, all made with love.

When it comes to drinks, the bar team of Gloria is ready to blow you up!
Colada Me Later, a kick-ass flaming version of the classic colada, or the ultimate Italian classic Negroni topped with truffle foam are must-try cocktails!

To find out more about Gloria, visit their website here:

Angelina restaurant

Angelina is a bespoke restaurant that has just opened in 2019. It is located in Dalston and it is serving both Japanese and Italian cuisines. Moreover, it features a tiny Tokyo-style bar, ready to serve the best cocktails in town!

Its menu is diversified, starting from Crudite of Tuna, Prawn and Bream, to the delicious Unagi Risotto, Burnt Soy Butter and Dashi. As even Jay Rayner stated ”Angelina feels like a beautifully intentioned, low-key experiment”.

For booking, visit its website:


Barullo is a new restaurant serving Spanish cuisine opened by Victor Garvey in the City of London. Garvey says that the concept behind it is to make people feel like going to Barullo as going on a trip to Spain. It will be the perfect way to escape from the daily grind; whether that means a dinner or grabbing lunch.

See Barullo’s website:

Berenjak restaurant

The beautiful Berenjak restaurant is based in Soho, London and it is well-known for its amazing Persian cuisine. It is specialising in small mazeh sharing plates, kebabs and also a variety of khoresht.

Have you ever thought where the name of it came from?Berenjak is named after the brightly coloured, toasted rice eaten as a snack at funfairs in Persia.

To see its full menu, check it on their website here:

The French House

The French House definitely deserves its reputation as the best known pub in the world’s naughtiest square mile. It is the perfect place to celebrate and enjoy a glass of wine or even champagne. What makes it unique is its no mobile phone, no television concept. Due to this, people feel like The French House is the best place for socialysing while enjoying drinks.

Visit their website here:


Kanishka is the latest restaurant opened by the famous Atul Kochhar, and it is located in Mayfair, on Maddox Street. It has a vibrant Indian food culture and the recipes are developed with North Eastern inspiration.

It formally opened on 18th of March, this year and since then it serves dishes as Kachela Maas, Assamese Duck roast, Sapta, Thupka and many other more.

For booking, check their website at the following link:

Brasserie of Light

Brasserie of Light is an elegant and contemporary restaurant and bar, based in Selfridges. It can be easily recognised by the amazing crystal encrusted Pegasus statue. Its design is also an outstanding one, featuring colourful and light interiors.

It is also well-known for its mix of classic British and internationally inspired dishes. Its menu features breakfast, lunch and dinner as well. When it comes to cocktails and wine, the bar team is ready to impress you!

Thinking of booking a table already? Access the following link:


The Chef Patron of Kutir restaurant said: ”Kutir is inspired by mine and Abhi’s early careers in luxury Indian heritage hotels within wildlife sanctuaries across India.”

This elegant restaurant is based in London, Chelsea and keeps to impress people with its vast menu. It serves lamb, chicken, sea bass, prawns and a wide range of delicious desserts. It also stands out for its interior.

Find out more about Kutir here:

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