HOMETAINMENT: How to Get Everyone on the Dance Floor at Your Next Party 


There’s nothing better than seeing everyone having a great time on the dance floor after a cocktail or two, even if it is just a makeshift space you’ve made in your living room by moving the sofas! 


That said, sometimes you look around and everyone is just a little bit shy, standing at the corner. Be the first to get the party started, here is where Latino dancer, performer and HOMEtainer Fredy comes in with his Salsa – Taste of Colombia at home dance masterclass.


The fun, immersive, 60 minute dance class starts with a mini demo featuring acrobats, lifts, turns and spin before Fredy teaches you and your guests the basic moves of Salsa, Merengue and Chacha. Even the most reluctant of dancers won’t be able to resist the beats of the iconic Latino soundtrack!


But if salsa isn’t really your vibe? Here are three more HOMEtainment experiences to keep everyone on the dance floor throughout your party:


Hire a Mixologist 


Get out from behind the bar and let one of our expert HOMEtainer mixologists and bartenders get the cocktails flowing, that way you can be first on the dance floor so your guests can follow!


Book a DJ

Not sure what music to choose? Leave that up to one of our top HOMEtainer DJs who will know just the right tracks to get everyone up and dancing.




Choose Live Music 


Create the perfect atmosphere with one of our live music HOMEtainers, from Cuban and swing to the Big Sound Party Band who play everything from Motown classics through to 80s pop or your own bespoke playlist. You won’t be able to stop your feet moving!



Fancy learning a salsa class? Book today to discover more!


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