Here’s How to Host an Epic Party at HOME


Hands up who is already thinking about hosting an epic party this summer? 

You know the sort, the ones people reminisce over and say ‘I wish we could do it all over again.’

Whether you want a party where everyone is up and dancing, stopping only to fuel up on more cocktails or you want an intimate soirée with a bespoke dinner and classical music performance, you’ll find everything you need for the best at HOME party on HOMEtainment.


Private Chefs 

There’s nothing like going to a party and not having enough food to go around, or having lots of inedible food (think Bridget Jones’ infamous blue string soup). Rather than tempt fate, leave it up to our private chefs, who can whip up everything from a Mexican feast to the ultimate luxury canapé party.


You could take the BYOB approach, you could take the DIY route and make cocktails yourself, or you could hire a mixologist who will not only make sure everyone is enjoying their favourite cocktails but they’ll add a touch of theatre and a sense of occasion to your party. 



You’ve got the food and drinks sorted, now for the setting. HOMEtainer Kuofi, can show you how to create a chic and sustainable tablescape for your guests using what’s within your reach from nature, such as HOME grown herbs.



All parties need music – they set the atmosphere, they get everyone dancing or enthralled in a performance, imagine a party with no music, not going to win any best party of the year awards are they? Transform your HOME into a pack danced floor with a DJ or turn your sitting room into a stage with a live band or singer.


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