Gift this Easter with Gåva Gifting

Who would love an Easter Ägg this year?

Perhaps it’s a friend who needs a bit of TLC? Your brilliant team at work, who have carried each other through the uncertainty of the last couple of years? Or your customers, just to say Happy Easter?

There’s something really delightful, really kind and really Swedish about Easter gifts.

Swedes are famously good gifters. Not that we are extravagant (although diamonds have been known to find their way into Äggs) – it’s all about the thought behind the giving. Easter is an opportunity to give when it’s not expected, and that’s what we love about it.

Fill the Äggs with what you like or choose from our own range of Äggs Fillers, including the new G&T Ägg, and we’ll send it all off for you with a handwritten gift note. For larger orders get in touch with [email protected], we would love to chat!

Use the code MISSJONES22 when checking out to receive 10% off!


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