The Foyer & Reading Room at Claridge's

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For many visitors to Claridge’s, the Foyer is the first thing that captures their imagination. In the centre of the room a striking Chihuly sculpture hangs like a chandelier. The walls shimmer with original art deco mirrors. Music drifts from the grand piano. It is here that breakfast, lunch, dinner and afternoon tea are served, as well as our inventive twists on classic cocktails.



The Foyer Private Dining room brings you all the roaring 1920s style of the Claridge’s Foyer in a more intimate setting, supported by discreet, attentive service.


With one long table, the Foyer Private Dining Room can accommodate 10 to 20 guests. Here we serve lunch or dinner from the Foyer Private Dining Room menu. Specially created by Executive Chef Martyn Nail, it showcases contemporary cuisine, with a focus on authentic flavours and seasonal produce. If you are planning a private event, the Foyer Private Dining Room will give it a real sense of occasion.


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