Swift Shoreditch

Detailed Information

Laid back, simple 1930s elegance with an Italian accent. Swift’s interior is filled with marble and, with dashes of bronze rounding it all out, with snappily dressed bartenders who might as well be walking cocktail encyclopaedias.


Swift Shoreditch features lots of the trademarks that make the original bar so popular, from a light, bright art deco interior that mimics the ground floor of the flagship bar to its signature ‘Sgroppino’ cocktail, a prosecco-based drink with a lemon sorbet float.


Every Saturday over October, Swift have teamed up with Havana Club and Hot 4 U to bring a series of brunches. Each week try new combinations, four delicious brunch dishes paired with four fantastic cocktails, with coffee after making the perfect brunch.


Book online at https://www.barswift.com/reservations/

Price Range
£0.00 to £100.00

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