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The Old Stables Private Dining Room: 

Somewhere between a hunting lodge and horsebox, our private dining room is tantamount to a country escape. Secluded from the hubbub of the upstairs restaurant, with only a couple of grazing horses for company, the space seats up to 16 for meetings, family greetings, and parties that spin a little out of control.

Sharing Table:  

When more than a couple of friends tag along for dinner, we can seat you around our Sharing Table, which accommodates up to 21 guests all together in the main restaurant. On a regular day, we use this table like any other and encourage our guests to shoot the breeze with fellow diners. Maybe you learn a new joke; maybe you share a secret haunt; maybe you just pass the pepper.

The Dining Room 

For something a little grander, the Dining Room can be hired exclusively for larger groups and parties of up to 55 guests; whether it’s the work Christmas do, a birthday bash or you’re just really popular…

  • Private dining room 16 guests 
  • Sharing table 21 guests 
  • Semi-private Dining room 55 

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