Prince Akatoki Hotel

Detailed Information

The Prince Akatoki Hotel is A 5-star luxury hotel in London that celebrates the Art, Ritual and Elegance of Japanese Hospitality.  The name Akatoki comes from an ancient Japanese word for sunrise. It represents the feeling you get when you wake up relaxed, rejuvenated and ready for the endless possibilities of the day ahead.


Their aim is to provide sanctuary in the heart of London. The hotel is inspired by the traditions of Japanese hospitality and fuses the best of Japan and the West. The hotel promotes mindfulness and tranquility at every touchpoint.


The rooms are beautifully designed with a minimal aesthetic, natural elements, soft colour palettes, luxury fabrics and uncluttered spaces that have you feeling calm, tranquil and enriched.


The same minimalist interior is carried into the restaurant ‘TOKii’. The minimalist interiors allows diners to focus on the quality and ambition of the food. TOKii blends the best of homegrown London and international Japanese flavours.


The Prince Akatoki invites you to slow down, breath and re-enter the world feeling refreshed.

Price Range
£0.00 to £100.00

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