Pied à Terre

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Experience innovation at the highest level. Pied à Terre is stylish and unique, presenting classic French dining with a subtle reference to Asimakis’ Greek heritage.


Beautifully appointed private dining rooms, with butler style service.

Ground floor, Front Room – perfect space for six to eight guests

First floor, Kitchen Table – available every service for small groups up to eight

Second floor, Private Dining Room – available for four to sixteen guests


*For larger parties, a restaurant take-over may work better for your event. 


Chef’s Table 

For an unforgettable gastronomic experience, dine at Chef’s Table by Asimakis. Our Executive Chef cooks in front of you, for you. Round up your friends, colleagues or family for this group booking. The table seats six (minimum) to eight guests and is available for full private hire at £225 per person. Each event is unique and dependent on produce and season.


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