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London’s newest restaurant concept is straight out of a comic book. The first DC-inspired gastronomic restaurant experience found anywhere in the world. With a focus on first-class dining and storytelling, it is home to five restaurant and bar spaces, each taking the guest on a journey from the streets of London to the depths of Gotham’s underworld. 



Drawing inspiration from some of Gotham’s most famous (and infamous) residents, including The Penguin, Harley Quinn, The Joker, Catwoman and more, each space has its own signature style, providing a whole host of options for guests, from cocktails through to dining and live music. After descending into the Batcave through a specially designed emotion-triggering ‘mist’, guests emerge in the relaxed and elegant Pennyworth’s, named after Bruce Wayne’s butler, Alfred.



Alongside Pennyworth’s you’ll find The Penguin’s opulent Iceberg Lounge, a large, stylish restaurant and bar with live entertainment throughout the week. Step into the Rogue’s Gallery, the domain of curator Selina Kyle, where you can dine alongside reproductions of some of the world’s most famous stolen art pieces, each bearing a villainous mark. 



A modern European menu is available throughout, with a signature list of cocktails for each space. Whilst hidden away from the buzz of the main room lies Old Gotham City, a secluded late night bar featuring clever cocktails and bar snacks.


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