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We call ourselves the world’s first happiness platform. We believe our future has a society, not an economy, at its heart. People matter more than numbers. Loyalty counts.


At &Open, we know that lasting relationships aren’t built on thoughtless freebies. People need to know they matter. And a gift takes relationships beyond the transactional. Simple gestures make the difference.


Fast platform, beautiful gifts

Gifting has serious impact, but it’s not easy. When you go it alone, complications and costs spiral. Our platform helps brands of all sizes easily send gifts at any scale. No address needed — just enter an email or send a gift link to get started.

Gifts for everyone

Because giving is never a “one-size-fits-all” situation, we have delightful physical, digital and cause gifting options to select for the lucky recipient(s).

A platform that fuels responsible gifting

We are continuing to internally construct a dynamic, diverse and forward-thinking work environment. An environment where the priorities are taking responsibility for &Open’s sustainable gifting and becoming a force for good as a business.


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