Mo Diner

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A Moroccan spin on an American diner. Mourad Mazouz’s Mo Diner on Heddon Street is styled like a 1930s Los Angeles diner with a Mediterranean-style twist. Mo Diner has an informal and infectious feel, with an added open plan theatrical kitchen. Mo Diner is young, fun and refreshing whilst drawing back on Mediterranean and North African heritage.


The breakfast and brunch menu includes dishes such as hash browns with pomegranate and brown sauce, or pancakes topped with fig marmalade and almonds. For dinner, try grilled octopus with saffron aioli or a lobster roll. To round off the meal, desserts include a hibiscus, rhubarb and basil cheesecake. The drinks list also ties in with the diner charm with milkshakes and smoothies on the menu.


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