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Manteca Shoreditch is now open! A nose-to-tail italian-inspired restaurant. we focus on whole-animal butchery, hand-rolled pastas, wood-fired breads, and our own in-house salumeria.


The new restaurant has been designed around an open kitchen where there will be plenty of open-fire cooking. Displaying their wares is very much the order of the day with a pasta bench in full view upstairs and a hanging room downstairs, displaying all their salami. That salami will include fennel pollen salame, black pepper and Lambrusco salami, coppa or ‘nduja and sticks of coppiette, a Roman-style pork jerky, cured with Campari and fennel seeds.



The food has been described as a nose-to-tail “Italian with a British accent”. As for the main menu, that includes old favourites and plenty of new dishes. 


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