Hélène D'Arroze at The Connaught

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From personally tailored menus to the artfully designed dining room, the newly re-opened Hélène Darroze at The Connaught is an elegant expression of craft.


In the two Michelin-star restaurant, each dish is grounded in seasonal produce sourced from the farmers, makers and growers carefully chosen by Hélène. Every menu a reflection of your personal tastes, as the chefs transform your selected ingredients into original works of culinary art. Embark on a gastronomic journey with an elegant showcase for the world’s most prestigious wines, alongside a bespoke menu.


Pierre Yovanovitch’s cocooning interior sets the perfect tone for this intimate dining experience. Almost every element is custom-made, once again placing craftsmanship in the limelight.


The newly unveiled Chef’s Table places you metres from the creative buzz of the kitchen. Overlooking the pass, just a handful of guests are seated at a pink marble table set. From here, chefs showcase their culinary talents, answer questions and personally present the dishes, adding richness to a unique dining experience.


At the Sommelier’s Table in the private dining room adjoining the limestone wine cellar, you enjoy a personalised dining experience with a difference. Wines are first hand-selected by our sommelier, and then paired with exquisite dishes from Hélène Darroze.


If a glass of wine doesn’t take your fancy, the non-alcoholic pairing is a fresh take on the pairing experience. Seasonal pressed vegetabes, juices, herbs, spices and teas will take the place of traditional wine accompaniments.



The Chefs Table

Overlooking the pass, guests are seated at a pink marble table set on a Terrazzo dais, with stunning ceiling art designed by Rochegaussen and bespoke lamps created by Matteo Gonet for Pierre Yovanovitch. From here, chefs showcase their culinary talents, answer questions and personally present the three Michelin Star dishes.

Our culinary team will create your bespoke menu in advance of your reservation. Including seven curated courses, and using highly seasonal and fresh ingredients, this one-of-a-kind experience is perfect for lunch or dinner.


Capacity: 12 Guests

Price Range
£0.00 to £100.00

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