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Cutter & Squidge are a London based family-run bakery. We were set up by two food obsessed sisters whose journey all began in a ‘compact’ kitchen in North West London.

With family at our core, our passion is to invent new products or recreate time honoured classics; we pride ourselves on experimenting with flavours so that we can offer our take on old favourites alongside cutting edge taste sensations.

Renowned for being London’s only all-natural bakery and making everything from scratch using real British ingredients or sourcing from British producers where they can’t. Our eggs are always free range and our butter is always British creamery butter.

We are a little health-conscious and like to make sure our bakes are irresistibly delicious without using too much fat and sugar – “just as much as needed to make something delicious”.

What to send

Whether you are looking for the ultimate thank you Hamper to send to teams or contacts to enjoy over the festive break, or treats to enjoy during an office get together either virtual or in person, we have Hampers in a range of different sizes as well as individual treats.

Discounts are available on large orders and you will be advised on any available discount by our agents when you get in touch.

The process

You simply complete the spreadsheet on the following link (if you have the data already in your own format, feel free to share as often we can work with what you have to avoid duplication of work! All data is stored safely and is only used for the purposes of the send out. Once the deliveries are made the data is destroyed and the recipients’ information is not added to any marketing lists.) Email the form to us at [email protected] and we can then send you a single payment link to complete by credit card (we accept Amex) or a pro forma invoice for payment by bank transfer.

That is all you need to do to have handmade treats delivered!

Contact us

Enquire now at [email protected] – we are happy to answer any questions you might have!


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