Barrafina - Covent Garden

Barrafina Covent Garden, Spanish Tapas, London
food at Barrafina, Covent Garden, Spanish tapas
Barrafina, Spanish Tapas, London, Covent Garden
Barrafina, Spanish Tapas, London, Covent Garden
Detailed Information

If you’re looking for authentic Spanish tapas with a modern twist, then look no further because Barrafina offers exactly that! Known for executing Spanish staples flawlessly and serving equally flawless Spanish beer, sherry and wine, Barrafina is second to none.

As if a quality meal was not enough, Barrafina has created the perfect lively atmosphere for their guests. Modern furnishing, an L shaped marble bar overlooking the open kitchen, where you can see the chef prepare your meal in front of you. On the other hand, guests enjoy Barrafina’s outdoor seating area during those summer months.

The restaurant is perfect for am impromptu meal as they do not take bookings, or if you want to do it fancy, private dining is also available to book.

For quality food with an A-class wine list, Barrafina is the perfect place to dine at.

Price Range
£0.00 to £100.00

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