Christmas party planning checklist

Are you in the midst of planning your company Christmas party or have you decided to throw a last minute one for you and your friends? Well, we’re here to help, check out our ultimate tips that’ll ensure that your party goes to plan.

1. Know your budget

It may sound simple but knowing your budget and how much you’d like to spend on food, drink, entertainment first will stop you splurging on one area and having to cut else where.

2. Find the perfect venue

Whether you’re looking for roof top drinks or dinner by the riverside, it’s imperitive that you book as early as possible to avoid dissapointmet. Hire Space can help you find anything from dinner at City Hall to partying at the Olympic Velodrome.

3. Plan your food carefully

Figure out what type of food you are looking for first. Buffet style tends to work best as there is generally something for everyone. Make sure you know of all food allergies and intolerances too as you want everyone to be able to enjoy the night. If you’re looking for amazing chefs to cater your party you can find a list here.

4. Plan party favours

Give people a token of appreciation such as chocolates or a small bottle of gin to get people in the party spirit.

5. Use tickets for the bar

An open bar can be a nightmare for a number of reasons. Avoid a huge bill and very hungover guests by giving everyone tickets upon arrival to exchange for drinks at the bar. This way you may even spend less money as not everyone will cash in their tickets!

If you’re looking for party favours or need a last minute private chef, let us know at [email protected] and we’ll be more than happy to help!

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