Busy? Health Hacks for a healthy schedule

Guest article written by Chris Pinner, founder of Innerfit

Mr/Ms Average in the UK commutes for 58 minutes, takes 34 minutes for lunch and receives 92 emails per day. How successfully you deal with this, day after day is a matter of mindset.

If your schedule leaves you struggling to find time and motivation, have a look at these superb health hacks:

Forge Your Path

Factor healthy choices in as standard.

In their book ‘Switch – How to Change When Change is Hard’, authors Chip and Dan Heath talk about the power of ‘shaping the path’. For example:

Stay hydrated – Keep a water bottle on your desk

Improve your diet – Replace the office biscuit-tin with a fruit bowl

Commit to exercise – Pack your training kit the night before

Make the healthy choice the easy choice to shape your path.

Sleep More

If you’re feeling tired and low on motivation, commit to an extra hour of sleep.

Perkbox’s 2018 study revealed 65% of British workers lose sleep because of stress. Is this you?

Sleep deprivation is proven to increase the role the amygdala plays in decision making by up to 60% (Goldstein, 2014). Compared to the more rational and logical pre-frontal cortex area of the brain, the amygdala is more emotional and impulsive. That means you are more likely to reach for that extra slice of cake, or miss that training session. Prioritising sleep keeps you in control, you are far more likely to make better decisions.

These health hacks are taken from the Innerfit Lunch & Learn ‘Health Hacks for a Busy Schedule’. Use them to stay motivated and energised.

If you have any questions, or want to know more, to please get in touch.


Chris is the founder of Innerfit. Before becoming a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach, Chris worked at a top US investment bank, Strategy Consultancy and Sports Marketing agency. Innerfit supports companies to have a positive impact on wellbeing & performance.

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