Ana Trida: Healthy Mind & Body Guide While Being at Home


Manual Lymphatic Drainage Specialist and Founder of the ANA TRIDA THERAPIST METHOD
ANA TRIDA is a Brazilian Nurse and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Specialist with over 16 years’ experience. Ana
started her career as a nurse in the Oncology & Bone Marrow Transplantation Department at Red’ Or São Luiz in
São Paulo, the internationally renowned oncology hospital in Brazil where she also achieved her first Postgraduate
Degree in Oncology. It was there, over a decade of caring for patients with compromised lymphatic systems, that
she learned about its importance and effect on the overall health of the body.
Upon completion of a second Postgraduate Degree in Aesthetics focusing on Lymphatic Drainage and the arrival
of her second child, Ana embarked on her new specialty providing post-operative aftercare in hospitals to
surgical patients, particularly within the cosmetic arena to aid their recovery. Private home visits soon followed
during which she honed the ANA TRIDA THERAPIST METHOD which she now brings to London.


  • Eliminates excess fluid retention and toxins from the body thus reducing bloating and swelling, including post-
    operative swelling.
  • Improves circulation by increasing the levels of oxygen to the tissue.
  • Boosts the immune system, energy levels, metabolism and aids digestion.
  • Helps the appearance and texture of the skin, improving cellulitis by increasing blood flow to the affected
    areas that help to break down the toxins.
  • Relaxation.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE & MODELLING MASSAGE – a therapeutic and rhythmic massage treatment that uses light,
gentle pressure and strokes to increase the lymph flow around the body. Followed by Ana’s signature magical
Brazilian touch; firm and fast manoeuvres to reduce cellulitis, regenerate the tissues, relax the muscles, improve
the skin’s appearance and overall tone of the body.

Ana is available for at-home visits* within Central London, and on consultation both nationally and internationally.

Prices are £200* for a single session. Courses available on consultation.

For further information on ANA TRIDA, please contact Yumi at M+M Management on 020 7823 3723 or email [email protected]

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