15% off High Vibe Facial at Glow Bar London


Glow Bar is pleased to announce they have just launched the High Vibe Facial massage; this 60 minute massage facial effortlessly blends skincare and wellness, leaving you internally and externally beautiful. Unlike a lot of facials (the dreaded extractions) which can leave you sore or inflamed, Glow Bar’s newest treatment focuses on aromatherapy, massage and lymphatic drainage and finishes with an arm or foot massage.
The facial will also be performed using Glow Bar’s very own Pearl TCM elixir, mixed with the Good Skin Disciple face oil. An internal and external beauty supplement, Pearl promises to boost collagen, even skin tone and reduce signs of ageing. It’s high in calcium and amino acids so improves the overall appearance and health of your complexion.

The High Vibe Facial Massage utilises rose quartz crystal rollers, Gua Sha tools and techniques and optional CBD patches for a wholly immersive experience to leave you feeling relaxed and recharged. Gua Sha is a practice taken from traditional East Asian medicine that uses a scraping motion with a tool made out of jade or rose quartz to help manually drain fluids which cause puffiness and inflammation; the result is brighter, rejuvenated and glowing skin. 


To coincide with the launch of the High Vibe Facial Glow Bar will be retailing their collection of self-love facial rollers made of rose quartz, in addition to a curated range of Disciple Skincare products.

You can book a Glow Facial via www.glowbarldn.com, where it currently retails at £65, with CBD patches at an add-on price of £2 per 8mg patch.


15% OFF  with discount code HIGHVIBE15 till the 18th of October

You can book a Glow Facial via www.glowbarldn.com


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